How to use SWIM - get started

  • Open model -latest version
  • SWIM should work in any modern web browser
    • You need javascript, updated since summer 2021
  • Wait for the model code to load, followed by its data
    • SWIM begins with an Oval layout.
    • Cogs show progress and interactions, they rotate when calculating.
    • Mini-plots should appear after a few seconds
    • Later reloads should be faster if the browser caches some data
    • (Check activity in console column far left - note draggable corner)
  • The main cause-effect loop follows clockwise around the oval,
    • starting (left) with drivers (demography, economy etc.) at the top,
    • passing through energy, emissions, biogeochemistry
    • to atmosphere and climate response.
    • (but there are also cross-cutting controls / feedbacks)
  • Select Cogs (click => yellow) to show, for each science- module
    • Adjustable Parameters (centre-left)
    • Documentation
    • Source Code - if you have it open ()
  • Click on mini-plots (left) to enlarge them
    • Plots open in nearest corner
    • Zoom plots using mouse-wheel or touch (spread/pinch)
    • (X to close)
  • Adjust plots
    • Wheel/touch gestures also work for plot axes, to zoom for more detail
    • Click on a big-plot for options (stacked, legend, labels)
  • Try adjusting model parameters (sliders, menus, checkboxes).
    • First select a cog, then adjust its parameters
    • The model should recalculate - some plots change (within a few seconds)
    • Which modules recalculate depends on changed / needed interactions - see console for info.
    • You can reset all at the top-right.
  • Try the columns layout
    • Layout menu at top right
    • Columns layout is better for studying detail of one part of the system
    • Scroll down the parallel columns of parameters or mini-plots (click to open)
    • Click on titles to fold modules, also link to their code.
  • Higher complexity level => extra plots & parameters
    • complexity menu at top
    • (just use Normal and Expert for now - others to fix)
  • You can also change the style-theme
    • (use menu at top, examples right - it's just changing css!)

Above: Oval Layout - showing whole-system interactions. Plots in corners, carbon module selected
Below: Columns Layout - to focus on detail - here socioeconomic end, code for migration shown

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