How SWIM works (Scala)

Scala3 code (>25k lines) compiles to two outputs: (using sbt "crossproject")
Scala.js web version
Runs in js, creating SVG plots
Easy access => better for exploring system, illustrating points
Open in a web browser, no installation, it just works
Test relative sensitivity to policy options and scientific uncertainties
Response time to parameter adjustments: ~ 0.5-5s
JVM desktop version
Runs as java, reusing swing GUI from JCM
Faster => better for systematic analysis
Run scripts, probabilistic analysis of thousands of variants
Simpler debugging for code in development
Response time to to parameter adjustments: ~ 0.1-1s
Yet both versions calculate exactly the same curves.
Scala3 - strongly typed, multi-paradigm, yet with readable syntax (minimal braces), is both reliable and flexible.
SWIM shows how scala(3).js succeeds to run a complex model in a browser, fast, flexibly, robustly.
So it's "scalable" in the sense that there is scope to increase complexity and resolution, scala code could also move from client to server for more complex / data-intensive science modules.

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